Łyna, a left tributary of Pregoła, starts in the nature reserve „Łyna Springs”. This reserve was created to save the unique beginning of Łyna. The water comes out from a slope where the permeable sands meet the impenetrable rock close to the villages Łyna and Orłowo. The length of Łyna is 263,7 km, in Poland 190 km (but there are other numbers in different sources).

The biggest tributaries are Maruska, Kortówka, Wadąg, Symsarna, Elma, Pisa Północna and Guber. Łyna goes through the lakes: Brzeźno, Kiernoz Mały, Kiernoz Wielki, Łańskie and Ustrych.

Łyna is a very interesting trail, you can easily make it as long as you wish.

The trail varies in character, it caters for all tastes. On the Łyna trail there are parts where the river is wild and reminds of a mountain stream, at some points it goes peacefully through meadows or woods or even old towns with many old buildings, and at some spots it falls into lakes in the woods. Other interesting elements of the trail are many obstacles in the water – trees, rocks – clean water and a strong current at some points.
The rallies usually start in the village Kurki, where the rivers Marózka and Łyna start, 16 km east from Olsztynek.
The beginning of the Łyna river  are wonderful lakes and woods and two gorges requiring some skills and experience, but very nice-looking. When the river leaves the Łańskie Lake, it goes through the nature reserve "Las Warmiński" – you need two permits to go through it: the Government Holiday Centre and the regional nature conservator in Olsztyn.
Behind Olsztyn you could call the trail „a trail of gothic castles and churches”. You can see here among others: the castle of the Warmia Chapter, city walls from the 14th Century, nature reserves (all in Olsztyn), gothic church complex in Dobre Miasto, Bishops’ Castle in Lidzbark Warmiński.  Ouer new site in German Kanu Lyna

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